The must-have fintech platform for all businesses

ZestMoney enables high-growth businesses to design EMI payments for all types of customers that works every time without worrying about the finance or technology.


increase in AOV


increase in retention

Why ZestMoney

Because it works for you and your customers

Best Rated EMI Platform

Customers absolutely love ZestMoney and its hassle-free digital process.

Simple & Quick Integration

With best-in-class tech stack, ZestMoney is the easiest integrate.

No Restrictions on Product Categories

ZestMoney enables EMI for all types of product categories.

Works Online & Offline

Enable your customer pay in EMI on your website, app and in-store.

ZestMoney EMI is the easiest for your customers

They just signup

using your Aadhaar, PAN & other personal details

Verify their account

using netbanking, PDF bank statements, KYC or uploading ID proof

Activate their loan to complete payment

using auto repay by uploading a signed NACH mandate or eNACH

Your customers will love ZestMoney EMI, just like these people

Wow! Amazing experience with ZestMoney services. I couldn't imagine that within two hours everything was done and my desired cellphone was dispatched from Amazon. I can't even imagine without having to go somewhere and no visits from a salesperson. Just with few clicks and some uploading of docs my loan was sanctioned and disbursed. Thank you ZestMoney for revolutionizing the way of finance. Keep it up.

Vivek Thakur

Very simple documents. Their word of commitment is very strong. They really trust customers. All my small dreams have come true because of ZestMoney. Love you ZestMoney.

Praveen Pal

This has been a great app for people like us. ZestMoney is simple helpful prompt and at your service at your time of need. Very simple process of one's credit worthiness evaluation and quick to disburse payments accordingly. A VERY BIG THANK YOU ZESTMONEY. WISH YOU ALL THE BEST REGARDS.

Satyendra Singh

It is a great idea and need of the hour. It could be a blessing in disguise for those who don't have a credit card but still, want to shop online and pay in installments. Even if you have a credit card you would be wise to skip using it and try ZestMoney. What's more, It doesn't involve any human communication which is just awesome. Purely data based and online. Thumbs up.

Kirubakaran S

Very good service as well as fast loan disbursements. ZestMoney is really a very good online system where anyone can manage his/her dreams. Now I had applied for a personal loan as per eligibility amount, approved & disbursed fast.......I love ZestMoney..

Saleem Laskar

I'm a victim of a wrong agent who spoilt my CIBIL score to a point where it will take years to get back to normal, It was always an embarrassment going to a store and getting the loan rejected after hours finalizing one, only after losing all hope. I  tried the ZestMoney, little did I know the entire process is online, all the documents were uploaded online, verification is done online, and hardly a wait of 2 days I got the approval !! The entire process was flawlessly easy. A huge thanks to team ZestMoney. You guys made yourself a loyal customer.

Saurabh Khanna

Hassle free loan for any need, this is the best choice for online shopping and for personal finance. I started a year ago and till now have many loans from the convenience of my home.

Sumit Kaundal

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