Refund & Cancellation

  1. In case a Customer who has placed an order for goods or services using the ZestMoney platform and has not received the goods or the service, then the Customer should immediately raise a complaint with the Merchant through whom the order was placed.
  2. In case a Customer has received the goods or service but these goods or services were not as expected or faulty, the Customer should immediately raise a dispute with the Merchant with whom the order was placed, with relevant supporting information. The Merchant’s applicable Refund / Cancellation policy as on the date of transaction would apply.
  3. In case the transaction was not conducted by the Customer, the Customer should immediately raise a chargeback complaint with his / her bank and inform the Merchant.
  4. In each case, If the merchant or bank is unresponsive, the Customer should contact ZestMoney Customer Care and we will try to work with the Merchant or bank to resolve the Customer Grievance.
  5. Discretion of Zest will always remain final and binding on the Customer. Zest team will follow it’s process of redressal of Customer grievance within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the Complaint. While the grievance is being redressed, Zest team may get in touch with the Customer to ask for more details of the Transaction.
  6. If the Customer dispute is found valid, the amount under consideration will be refunded in full. In case a dispute is found to be invalid, no refund will be processed for such transactions.